Basic Design

Thorough, innovative, professional engineering goes beyond construction plans and materials to consider every element of operation through every phase of your asset’s lifecycle, from concept to construction to operation and decommissioning.

PGE provides a full spectrum of licensing and basic engineering design (LBED) services. We supply innovative solutions to our clients’ most complex challenges, beginning with feasibility studies and front-end engineering through complex engineering, procurement and construction projects and revamps. Basic engineering design forms the basis for later successful completion of the detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning work, and further provides the client valuable information to finalize internal discussion and evaluation of the feasibility of the project.

How we work

  • 1.Discover

    Before carrying out a project review it is important to decide what the overall purpose is and who should gain what from the output.

  • 2. Define

    We identify the following things: Project objectives. Goals. Sub-phases. Tasks. Resources. Budget. Schedule.

  • 3. Design

    We planning every last detail of a project up front with logical extension.

  • 4. Develop

    We maintain a document that clearly outlines the project milestones and major activities required to implement the project.

  • 5. Deliver

    We monitoring and reviewing project to keep track of time.